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Here Are A Few Of Our Joint Venture Partners

Super Shiner

Super Shiner is developing a surface polishing system primarily aimed at the automotive market. It includes a high speed polisher with a unique design, self feeding, "Compounds-in-a-Cartridge" that is more convenient to use, saves time and compound waste with a more superior finish.


AllerPops is marketing a prebiotic lollipop that was invented by Dr. Cliff Han after three years of research on the causes of airborne allergies. The product provides lasting non-drowsy relief of seasonal or long term allergies.

Wood Sharks

Wood Sharks provides logistical support to government agencies, nonprofits, and private companies with an array of management and contract services designe​d to protect, conserve and preserve our natural resources. 

Dream Ranch Productions

Dream Ranch Productions creates characters, scripts and related products that combine education and entertainment for kids from pre-school to their teen years. Our creations are designed for animation shorts, series, books, toys, apps, games and promotions.​

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