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How to handle bad online reviews.
9 Sales and Marketing Tips for Startups
9 Sales and Marketing Tips for Startups
What Is Content Marketing?
Can A Business Survive Today Without Marketing?


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Jon's Tip Of The week

How to handle bad online reviews.

Your company just got a negative review on Facebook.  The customer said some pretty terrible things about one of your employees.  Or they complained about a rate increase.   Or they claimed you didn’t call them back fast enough.  Whatever the situation, they’re angry and now YOU look bad.

So what do you do?  How do you do damage control to your online reputation fast?

Here are some proven steps you can take!

Monitor Your Reviews
The first step to make sure that you are monitoring your review profiles and getting a notification whenever someone leaves one.

9 Sales and Marketing Tips for Startups

Marketing done right can be an incredible boon for your business’s net income. Done wrong, however, it can feel like throwing money into a raging bonfire. Because small business owners have to be whatever their small business needs -- all the time -- it can be difficult to master all the nuances that go into sales or marketing. If you’re not a natural salesperson, it can be even more difficult. Fear not, the following nine marketing tips for startups can help you make more sales, market better and waste less money.

Why does my business need an app?

If you are a small business owner and your business does not have a mobile app, you need to get one. Having a web presence alone is no longer sufficient, as online activity continues to shift to mobile. Simply put, smartphone apps have become too important a marketing tool for small business owners to do without.

Smartphone usage has been on a tear as of late. Nearly three-quarters of Americans check their mobile phones at least once per hour, according to a Gallup survey.  Almost all – 90 percent – of that mobile-phone time is 

10 Benefits of Social Media for Business

There was a time when social media was considered by some as a passing fad. Something that “the kids” were using that businesses could never really benefit from. Over time, the skeptics were proved wrong. 

There are over 3 billion internet users—and over 2 billion of them have active social media accounts. Popular social platforms have become marketing giants, offering businesses valuable data about their customers and a (mostly) free way to reach them. 

The jury has spoken: social media for business is no longer optional.

How to spend your Facebook ad dollars: promoted posts vs. paid ads

Facebook can be a powerful and accessible advertising tool for any business. But not everyone who follows you on Facebook sees everything you post. In fact, the average reach of a post could be as low as 4% of your total audience.

Spending money on ads will help you reach more of your audience, and to grow your audience by finding new fans. But how can you be sure you’re spending your money wisely? Here’s what we’ve learned from advertising Egar on Facebook.

Facebook’s Ad Manager tools are awesome

The 7-Step Formula for Writing Copy That Sells

In Chicago, there’s a famous restaurant called Alinea. It’s one of only a handful of restaurants in America that have earned the coveted 3-star Michelin rating, making it one of the best restaurants in the world. But if you ask people who’ve dined there what makes it unique, most will tell you that, somehow, it’s not just the food.

Alinea is an experience. The food, artistic and delicious as it is, wouldn’t garner its full effect if each course (there are about 20 in all) didn’t arrive just in time, perfectly ordered, with each dish complementing the one before it and simultaneously enhancing the one scheduled to arrive next.

Aligning Marketing and Sales for Greater Growth

As marketing consultants, we’ve worked with many sales teams over the years. We are intimately aware of the struggle that marketing and sales teams have when trying to work together. At the end of the day, though, we’ve found that if you can take the time to understand three key principals and make the most of the opportunities in front of both teams, the rewards are huge.
Focus on the Real Customer
The first challenge faced by these two departments is perspective. Marketing teams tend to think about segments, not individual customers like the sales teams.

What is joint venture marketing?

We get asked a lot about what our joint venture marketing is and how we put one together. So here is brief summary.

First, we learn as much as we can about your company, its current status, the people behind it, what your goals are and have the key members complete a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats). After our review, if we determine that there is a place where we can provide some assistance and fill in some blanks and that there is some compatability between the people involved we will structure an agreement that basically says we will perform certain marketing and business development services for our costs and not earn a profit until the venture is successful.

Jon's Tip Of The Week 3/30/2015 - 10 Steps to Start Making Videos for Your Business Today

Have you ever noticed you spend more time on a website when there’s a video to click? In that amount of time, your customers are getting to know you better, which improves your credibility, trust, and familiarity. Video helps increase engagement on your website by 5X.

So how can you make a plan to help you start creating your own videos for your business? This simple business video production plan can help grow your business with a low cost marketing strategy that yields a high and measurable return.

Jon's Tip of the Week - 12/22/2014

As we are in the hustle and bustle of this holiday season and approaching the beginning of a new year we want to wish you all a wonderful Christmas with a very happy and prosperous new year.

The new year is a great time to consider making some changes for your business and how to strengthen your brand with a new logo is one place to start. A lot has been said about the value of a logo and there is much trepidation in most companies about if and when a logo should be changed or updated.
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