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4 Proven Methods to Increasing Sales Online

Entrepreneurs, bloggers, and e-commers website owners have to justify their business presence by generating enough Internet sales to cover expenses and eventually make a profit. Sales tactics from the “real” world often come into play online, and together with Internet-specific ideas, form the backbone of a proven Internet sales game plan.

Here are 4 proven methods to increasing your sales online:

1.  Keep Your Sales Copy Focused on the Customer
Just as there is no 'I' in the word team, you should limit the use of this lonely letter to a few brief details about your background. Readers eventually get turned off with too much 'I', “me”, “mine”, and even “we”. On the other hand, if readers are selfishly looking out for their own interests (and they are), you'll have to cater to them by answering the question: What's in it for me?

Turn the attention towards the reader. Show them how they will benefit from your latest widget. What is the unique selling point that you are offering them? Tell them the reasons why they should invest in you, and not simply enumerate past achievements and say you are a great person.

2. The Power of Urgency
Without a sense of urgency that compels readers to “Buy Now!”, your hard work will only amount to nice, fuzzy feelings and a lot of money (and customers) left on the table. As surprising as it may seem, you must ask people to buy from you. Surprisingly, many online entrepreneurs fail to do this, even after a bang-up marketing job!

Among the longtime tactics that have proven to work across many sales niches include:
  • Price discounts that are “time-limited”, so that the onus is on the prospect to act. One variation you may want to consider involves graduated price-discounting, whereby an item's price goes from an initial price, say $50 to a floor price (e.g. $20) over five (5) days. (For those who are making money publishing Kindle books on Amazon, the use of Kindle Countdown deals is a prime example of this.)
  • Adding bonuses to the mix that sweeten the offer. Ideally, the bonuses are related to the original item in some fashion, offer genuine value (not merely throw-ins), and are not being offered by competitors (see next item).

3. Scarcity
Although scarcity is related to urgency, it deserves to be singled out as an Internet sales tactic. By limiting the number of widgets being sold (and authenticating your numbers), along with any related bonuses, your offer will be considered more valuable and worthy of consideration. Coin collecting, trading cards (sports) and related hobbies thrive on this principle.

4. Improve the Look and Feel (Readbility) of Your Sales Copy
Even the best copywriters in the business will only get readers hooked if their presentation is visually attractive. Therefore, it pays to learn a little about what attracts them in the first place. This topic deserves to be investigated in greater detail, but for now here are some basic perspectives.

In addition to the critical content (e.g How this widget solves your problem best.), there are other ways to get more readers to stay on your pages:
  • Appropriate use of italics, boldface, and highlighting to make benefits stand out.
  • Varying the size of your paragraphs.
  • Intelligent use of bullets, sub-headlines etc.
  • Using unjustified text and other in-paragraph variations to make the copy stand out more.

As you can see, Internet sales tactics and strategies encompass both traditional and the cutting-edge marketing strategies. It doesn't hurt to consult experts to see how your performance can be improved, nor is  it a waste of time to revise your own efforts.

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Share market recommendations on Thursday, April 09, 2015 5:11 AM
I am happy that I found your post while searching for informative posts. It is really informative and quality of the content is extraordinary.
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