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7 Questions every advertiser should ask about ad performance

With tons of data available throughout the customer journey, it’s important for advertisers to know which metrics will help them determine ad effectiveness. We’re asking clients the tough questions about their customers’ path to conversion to understand what drives them to take action and where to fine-tune campaigns to scale for business growth.

1 - Am I factoring in site visits? The role of site visitation provides critical insights on how your customers engage along the path to conversion. Do you consider the impact of visits on conversions?
How to: Take a look at the entire customer journey from the initial site visit to the conversion event.

2 - Am I reaching new audiences (prospects) with my campaign?  Expanding your audience is critical for driving incremental conversions to ultimately grow your business.
How to: Measure the percentage of new people reached.

3 - Am I reaching the  right audience? It’s easy to reach a lot of people with cheap ad inventory by ‘cookie bombing’ or other spam tactics — which is a waste of your marketing dollars.
How to: To see if you’ve done a good job of targeting the right people, measure how many of the new prospects reached visited your site.

4 - Are my prospects qualified? Did the prospects that visited your site  actually convert?
How To: With the conversion rate of visitors to converters you’ll be able to measure if you did a good job of qualifying your prospects. Make sure your partners are able to answer these questions about conversions.

5 - Do my prospects require retargeting? If site visitors don’t convert on their first visit, there is an opportunity to reach them again with retarget- ing. Do you know your visitors’ behavior and how much retargeting you should be doing?
How To: Of all the people who converted, find out how many converted in one visit only, compared  to those who required multiple visits.

6 - How long did it take  to convert? The period of time it takes for prospects  to convert will inform your lookback window, how far  you should look before the conversion. If it took most people 20 days to convert then you don’t need to go beyond that.
How To: From the first touchpoint, note how many days or weeks led up to the actual conversion.

7 - How many touchpoints  were needed? To maximize efficiency you want to look at how many ads were served before and after the site visit to help you determine your ad frequency. Why run 20 ads when you only need two?
How To: Determine the number of impressions that were served before the conversion event.

Excerpted from a Quantcast whitepaper

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